About Me

Who Am I?

Hello there and welcome, my Lords, ladies and gentleman, my name is Matthew Goymer and I am the sole proprietor of Delphis Antiques.

It is an honour, a privilege and lets not be coy about it sometimes financially rewarding when some of you visit me online and purchase the odd curio, I hope you have as much fun with your purchase as I’ve had trying to find it.

I try to offer an eclectic range of wares from silver, paintings, toys, pocket watches, bronzes, collectables, or anything weird and wonderful, so to be honest you will never really know what will be coming online next!

So sit back and relax and scroll through my wares with your finger ready on the buy button!

Good luck, take care and good antique hunting

A few words about


My first steps into this wonderful world of antiques came out of the blue when I was just 10 years old. My nan and grandad moved house at some stage and they found in an old chest of drawers, a blue glass bottle in a black leather case.

I remember seeing it as a young child about eight years old. I was mesmerized by its shape and colour, it looked just like a birds head. A couple of weeks later my mum was looking at books in W H Smiths and on one of the covers was the same birds head but a different colour.

To cut a long story short it turned out to be a cameo glass scent bottle in the form of a swans head by the famous Thomas Webb & Sons of Stourbridge, it ended up being sold at auction and I ended up with the latest Transformer toy as my cut.

When I was at school and we had to choose work experience placement, I said I wanted to be an antiques dealer. This really stumped the poor careers lady. A lovely lady who taught us needlework and she just didn’t have a clue where to send me.

Luckily for me she didn’t let me down, she got me two whole weeks work experience with a local fine art auctioneers in Birmingham, and since then I have never looked back.

At the end of my two weeks I was offered a Saturday job and when I left school in 1996 I was offered a full time position. I still remember getting my first pay packet, £90.00 for a weeks work, and thinking this was the best job in the world, maybe not the best paid, but the best job.

Five years later after having the best education and most fun I could possible ask for working at the auction house I felt it was time to branch out and set up dealing on my own. I did this primarily selling online using eBay, which I still use today, eighteen years later and it’s as fun as it has ever been.

So after selling online for 18 years I decided it is time to have my own website and sell from here, so here it is after all this time.

I hope you enjoy browsing and hopefully buying some of the items on here, as I have had great fun finding them for you!



P.S. If you do ever come across a Thomas Webb, blue cameo glass, swans head scent bottle please do bear me in mind, I’ve been looking for another one for the last 30 years.