Hi – I’m Matt Goymer, I’m an online antiques dealer who loves to match items of yesteryear with their new owners!

(and make a bit of profit of course!)



There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to buy something, be it a gift or even an addition to your own collection and not being able to find what you want. I have been in this situation hundreds of times searching online looking for a reliable website to make a purchase with. Well look no further I’m your guy, buy with confidence I won’t let you down.

I have sold over 2.5 million pounds worth of antiques and collectables via ecommerce over the last 16 years. So I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from to make sure your transaction runs as smoothly as possible and hits your expectations.

My website carries a large collection of items ranging from the fun and quirky to the more serious antiques roadshow type piece. So if you budget is £10 or £1000 I’m sure you will find something which will fit the bill.

Before making a purchase have you ever found yourself thinking?

  • Is it safe to pay on this website?
  • Will it be shipped quickly?
  • Will my item be packaged for the rigors of the Royal Mail?
  • Is it the genuine thing?
  • Are the description and photos accurate?
  • Can I trust this person?

These are all genuine fears and questions I know you can have, and it is very very simple to answer them:

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!

And before you ask I’m not reinacting “that” scene from “When Harry Met Sally”, there is nothing fake or bogus about my website, the yeses are all genuine!

For those of you lucky enough to be born after about 1985 you better check the clip below to see what us older folk are going on about! (Tip: wouldn’t have your volume up too loud)


I was born in Birmingham England, and have lived within ten miles all my life. I married my long term fiancée Claire in 2011 and we made ourselves an almost perfect home in a small, sleepy village in North Warwickshire, enjoying (when we can) a laid back lifestyle.

I’m a massive computer guy. If I’m not working on one, I will be playing on one. I can now openly admit that I recently turned to the dark side and now only use a Mac for work, (so sorry Mr Gates). I love to follow my local football team Aston Villa, however of late it has been a challenge to enjoy watching them!

I love to cook and enjoy heading out to restaurants, sampling unusual dishes and cuisines. My last new taste sensation (thanks to Gary Judge at headforspace) was Korean food. I had a great, little meal at a place in central Birmingham called “Topokki”. The meal came out with a bottle of “Soju” what I can only describe as firewater, I love a slurp or two and this gear really hit the mark!


Please let me be totally frank and honest, I am an addict…..

Antiques and old dusty collectables have a hold on me, both mentally and physically. Just the thought of a week, day or even a few hours away from touching, seeing or smelling an antique brings me to a state of chills and sweats. I have never been able to break their spell. The alluring mystery and history of antiques keeps me within their intoxicating clutches. Not knowing who has owned them, where they have been or what they have seen just adds to my antique poisoning. Fortunately, the prognosis is bad, it is terminal, I will be infected with this wonderful disease for the rest of my life.

My first steps into this wonderful world of antiques came out of the blue. My nan and grandad moved house at some stage and they found in an old chest of drawers, a blue glass bottle in a black leather case. I remember seeing it as a young child about eight years old. I was mesmerized by its shape and colour, it looked just like a birds head. A couple of weeks later my mum was looking at books in W H Smiths and on one of the covers was the same birds head but a different colour. To cut a long story short it turned out to be a cameo glass scent bottle in the form of a swans head by the famous Thomas Webb & Sons of Stourbridge, it ended up being sold at auction and I ended up with the latest Transformer toy as my cut.

That was it, ever since that day I wanted to be involved in antiques, I remember going to car boot sales, jumble sales, auctions, anywhere that had old stuff I had to get a look at it. Then when I was at school and we had to choose work experience placement, I said I wanted to be an antiques dealer. This really stumped the poor careers lady. A lovely lady who taught us needlework and she just didn’t have a clue where to send me.

Luckily for me she didn’t let me down, she got me two whole weeks work experience with a local fine art auctioneers in Birmingham. I still till this day remember walking in the door on the 1st day thinking this was the career for me. However come 5 o’clock on the evening my interest had dulled and I never wanted to go back in the place again.

A few members of staff (who will remain nameless but they know who they are) had me carrying box after box of dusty, smelly, hardback books up three flights of stairs, that’s all I did all day. I got home dirty and knackered and wanted to go back to school. But my dad made me go back the next day, and I’m so happy and grateful that he did.

Let’s just say I had the best two weeks of my life, the “unnamed” members of staff who made my first day hell turned out to the best teachers (and then later friends) I have ever met. At the end of my two weeks I was offered a Saturday job and when I left school I was offered a full time position. I still remember getting my first pay packet, £90.00 for a weeks work, and thinking this was the best job in the world, maybe not the best paid, but the best job.

I was shown every aspect of the auction world, pictures, silver, toys, antiques, you name it, I cataloged it and sold it! I really loved my time at the auction house mainly due to the knowledge and lessons I was being given by the same members of staff who nearly broke my back with all the damn books, (and no I will never forget or forgive them that!)

Five years later after having the best education and most fun I could possible ask for I felt it was time to branch out and set up dealing on my own. Sixteen years later and it’s as fun as it has ever been and with the online antique market growing quicker and quicker with such sites as “Antiques Young Guns” I think there is a lot more fun and great finds to be had.

Hence why I decided to go full tilt and start this website, I hope you enjoy browsing and hopefully buy some of the items on here, as I have had great fun finding them for you!



P.S. If you do ever come across a Thomas Webb, blue cameo glass, swans head scent bottle please do bear me in mind, I’ve been looking for another one for the last 30 years.


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